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Slips Of Surprise Combo

Slips Of Surprise Combo

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It's time to share your inner feelings with your loved ones that you've kept in your heart till now, so surprise them with our surprise slips. You just need to provide the answers to the following questions for the personal touch:

1. My first thought when I saw you
2. What surprised me completely about you during our first meet
3. I have never told you that
4. I was really jealous when
5. I had a funny dream about us one day and that was
6. If you are an emoji, then you would look like this
7. I first told about you to
8. If we had a child what would be his/her name

This is just the perfect way to express your love at the most affordable price. It also comprises of a box, whose only front can be customized according to your theme, be it birthday or something else.

>Answers to the 8 headings mentioned
>Front of the box( if want customization)

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