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Jumbo themed scrapbook

Jumbo themed scrapbook

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This whopping handmade beautiful scrapbook is just the most captivating gift for your loved ones,also to add to it's beauty and to your surprise, it is theme based, which means you can get it customized as per your need, be it for birthdays or anniversaries, we've got your back. It comes in an mdf box which too corresponds perfectly with the theme. You will also be sent a digital copy to confirm the design and only after that will we proceed with the final making of this magnificent scrapbook filled with your memories and love. So be reason behind someone's smile and let them feel like they're on cloud nine.

Size chart:
Scrapbook- 6 cm ×19 cm ×17 cm
Box- 8 ×10 inch

90 pictures
(To be mailed at

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